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Struggling to find an affordable and reliable office & commercial cleaning service provider?

Contact Luna Cleaning Solutions today for a free consultation and follow the path that many businesses are to a cleaner and healthier working environment.

5 years ago, Claudia and Wilmer founded, their company which utilises hospital-grade equipment for a premium and hygienic clean.

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Specialists in cleaning food production/preparation areas, pharmaceutical stores, educational institutions.

Offering industrial cleaning to all ranges of property, from office blocks to large commercial storage or car parking. Our services can be adjusted to a time frame suitable for you and your company.

A modern research case done by the Staples Corporation says that 94% of office workers said they had felt more productive and efficient in a cleaner working area. 77% voiced that they felt they produced better higher quality output in a cleaner working environment.

Free estimates are widely available throughout the industrial cleaning services we provide. We can deliver site surveys tailored to you, upon request. There is no industrial clean is too big or small! Speak to one of our excellent staff members to see how we can help.

We also supply health & safety assessments to our industrial services, highlighting all/any areas that may need extra attention and care.

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